10 Jul

APU Weight: Is Yours Too Heavy

APUs help truckers avoid running their battery all day and night. However convenient, APUs are extremely heavy and can cause problems on the road.

Laws regulate how heavy an APU you can carry, but its not the same weight in every state. Some states don’t carry an exemption while others crack down on anything over a certain weight.

Check out this APU weight exemption guide to find out if you’re hauling more than legally allowed.

03 Jan

Driver Pay In 2019

The U.S. economy is changing drastically and so is truck driver pay in 2019. Because companies are earning more, one would think more employers would be ready to start sharing their money and giving larger raises. Well, this may false. Even with the little amount of money these trucker companies are willing to pay, it doesn’t quite match with the cost of living.
While looking or a trucking job consider the pay, the hours, how reliable the work is. The most important thing you should do while looking for a trucking job is to be open minded.
There are other means of getting money to support your business such as invoice factoring for freight. Consider this when you are doing your research and looking for ways to generate revenue if you own a trucking company. Start job hunting now so you can secure your income for 2019.

01 Mar

Annoyances Truckers Face

Through WorkHound’s smartphone-based systems, truck drivers could anonymously discuss concerns they have with their employers. These are the top annoyances drivers face.

5 Driver Complaints

  1. Rude carrier staff
  2. Fight to get paid
  3. Communication problems
  4. Intrusive in-cab technology
  5. Outdated GPS devices
04 Dec

Battling Homesickness on the Road

Life on the road can be lonely. Even the most seasoned driver will experience pangs of homesickness from time to time. How do you find a way to cope with homesickness when your work is, by definition, away from home?

Homesickness can present itself in many forms, including being irritable, tense, anxious, or just constantly thinking about home. These feelings can be just an annoyance for some professionals, but for truck drivers it can seriously affect the quality of their work. It’s a job that requires long hours, vigilance, and technical precision. Any type of distraction can have a disastrous impact. For this reason, it’s important to face your wandering mind head on for your own sake as well as that of other drivers around you.

Take your feelings seriously

If you don’t face your feelings head on, they could linger for days instead of hours. Downplaying the issue is just as ineffective as ignoring it. Even if it feels silly to be homesick while you’re on the job, remember that it is a frequent occurrence for people of all ages, gender, or profession.

Treat your body right

It’s a lot easier to feel miserable when you’re not being kind to your body. Drink lots of water, eat balanced meals, and sleep as much as possible. You can cope with your anxiousness a lot better when you’re feeling great physically, whereas feeling sick or sluggish can magnify your anxiousness exponentially.

Bring reminders of home

Bring a piece of home along with you on the road, such as pictures or music you frequently listen to with your family.

17 Aug

10 Tips to Make You a Better Driver

Sure, we’ve all been driving for quite a while now. But, anything we can do to make us better drivers, we should.

Check out these 10 tips to make us better drivers in myriad circumstance:

04 Apr

Large Fleet Drivers Benefit From Low Turnover

For the first time since 2011, turnover rates for large fleets have dropped to 71 percent, marking a 16-point decrease. American Trucking Associations’ quarterly turnover report documented the decrease in 2016’s fourth quarter.

ATA Chief Economist says the dip in turnover rates should rise as concerns with driver shortage become more relevant. For more information, check out Overdrive’s article.

19 Jan

Prevent Driver Fatigue With These Tips

Ever find yourself getting tired during long drives? Being fatigued as a truck driver makes your job dangerous. But, what can you do about it? Check out these tips!

  • Start eating a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Keep your sleep cycle consistent.
  • Exercise regularly throughout your week.
  • Cut down on caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine consumption.
  • Recognize when you are feeling tired while driving so you can take care of it quickly and effectively.
  • Pull over in a safe area and take a nap before continuing to drive.
  •  Try to stick to driving during the day when you are normally meant to be awake.
  • If possible, get a driving body to help keep you awake. (This could also be a pup!)
05 Dec

Prevent Lower Back Pain With These Tips!

Driving long hours takes a toll on your body. If you find that sitting for long periods of time makes your back ache, check out these tips from a fellow trucker to help stretch your back.

26 Sep

Truck Parking Less Common Than Expected

Truck drivers have a lot to consider when they’re on the road. But, on top of thinking about safety, their deliveries, and deciding where to stop, a different kind of problem has been causing stress. The problem? Where to park.

While finding a truck stop may not be an issue, owner-operators are running into the problem of finding a more permanent spot for their trucks when they return home for a weekend. Many cities have regulations regarding the vehicles that can be parked in residential driveways. Yet, if truck owners can’t park in their driveways, where else is there to park? Many drivers are resorting to borrowing commercial parking lots for a few nights. Others are just risking the slap on the wrist and parking in their own driveways.

Truck drivers are nervous to leave their trucks unattended some distance away because they run the risk of robbery. Trucks, for many drivers , double as their temporary homes when they are on the road. As such, they are filled with all sorts of potentially valuable items. Until truckers can figure out where to legally park their trucks, they run the risk of parking illegally.

04 Aug

Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers

Are you a commercial driver, or thinking about getting your CDL? The road can be dangerous, and weather conditions are unpredictable. So, make sure you have the right knowledge to keep you safe on the road. Check out these tips to help you drive safely and be prepared for anything on the road.