16 Apr

Is Freight Factoring Right for My Business?

money-452624_640When it comes to a trucking company’s success prompt and early paying customers are always favored. However many times the customers may not be able to pay up front and many even wait for up to thirty days before making any payments to the trucking company. No matter how big or old your establishment may be but there are always expenses that you need to cover immediately such as repairs, fuel and drivers or you might just find yourself in a very tight spot. Having money at hand is of almost importance. So how does a trucking company solve this problem?

• They can either request their customers for fast payments by making available discount offers for early payments. This option is fine but then again it is the choice of the customer to pay early or not.

• Another option would be to get a business loan. This option clearly addresses the cash flow problem but it is very difficult to obtain. Not many of the small trucking firms would be able to satisfy the flawless financial statements, track record and strong collateral as demanded by many banks.

• Transportation factoring is the best option. It is a new and popular idea which is fast gaining interest in the trucking communities also known as freight bill factoring. Such kind of a service eliminates the delay in obtaining the cash from the customers and helps maintain a steady cash flow. It is easy to obtain as opposed to other financing services requiring only a few days to set up.

In this system a third party company provides the cash in place of the slow paying customers of the trucking companies. Once the cash is obtained by the trucking company it can uses it as it wishes and cover its ongoing costs and expenses. Once the customer pays up the transaction is complete and is finally settled.

Freight bill factoring is easier to obtain and is a very convenient option for trucking companies. An important requirement to qualify for freight factoring is that the company needs to have a good market credit. The company should also be free of tax and legal problems. It is an ideal solution for small and growing trucking companies who have the potential to grow but are often faced with customers who pay slowly thus inhibiting their development.

Some of the benefits of such transportation factoring are:

• It removes the wait in getting paid thus ensuring a steady flow of cash.

• It helps to take on new assignments and projects with ease.

• It makes available the money which is much need to pay the drivers and for fuel and repairs.

• Is easy to set up within a couple of days.