26 Sep

Truck Parking Less Common Than Expected

Truck drivers have a lot to consider when they’re on the road. But, on top of thinking about safety, their deliveries, and deciding where to stop, a different kind of problem has been causing stress. The problem? Where to park.

While finding a truck stop may not be an issue, owner-operators are running into the problem of finding a more permanent spot for their trucks when they return home for a weekend. Many cities have regulations regarding the vehicles that can be parked in residential driveways. Yet, if truck owners can’t park in their driveways, where else is there to park? Many drivers are resorting to borrowing commercial parking lots for a few nights. Others are just risking the slap on the wrist and parking in their own driveways.

Truck drivers are nervous to leave their trucks unattended some distance away because they run the risk of robbery. Trucks, for many drivers , double as their temporary homes when they are on the road. As such, they are filled with all sorts of potentially valuable items. Until truckers can figure out where to legally park their trucks, they run the risk of parking illegally.